weblink: easy file sharing

Weblink sets up a small Web server on your computer to make some of your files available as downloadable web links.

First things first

Check that you have python installed, download weblink, and type:

chmod +x ./weblink

Basic usage

To share /home/pierre/lolcat.jpg, type:

./weblink /home/pierre/lolcat.jpg

The file is accessible to you through http://localhost:8888/. On the internet, the file is downloadable at http://n.n.n.n:8888/ where n.n.n.n is your computer IP address. The link is valid until weblink is stopped.

Important: If you have a firewall, you must open port 8888. If you have a NAT router, you must configure it to forward port 8888 to your computer.

Weblink screenshot

Share several files

You can share several files by passing them on the command-line or by using wildcards:

./weblink lolcat1.jpg lolcat2.jpg xkcd*.png 

Password protection

To protect access to your files, you may specify a pseudo-password with the --pass option. For example, type:

./weblink --pass abcdef lolcat.jpg

and lolcat.jpg will be available at:


If you can’t think of a password, use the --randompass option instead.

./weblink --randompass lolcat.jpg

Port number
You can run weblink on a different port with the -p option:

./weblink -p 7777 lolcat.jpg

Kudos to the python developers for making writing weblink so easy!

[download weblink]

Posted by pierre on 20 December 2008 in python

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